Aerotrans Australia - Contract Sales


Aerotrans Australia, initially by means of its proven truck aerodynamic products established a quality standard that exceeded the ‘norm’ as accepted by the Fibreglass industry. This difference was achieved by applying a basic logic that said, “The product must be right, as it would proceed from a mould as a finished product directly onto a truck.” This differs dramatically from the common fibreglass ethic that says, “It will look fine once its painted.”

This difference is fundamental as it changes the whole way a product / project is considered. In practice Aerotrans considers the final product quality right from the initial development. This begins with the quality of the finished pattern that directly relates to the quality of the mould. Many companies can produce fibreglass components; Aerotrans is one of very few that applies an equal or greater effort into the initial development work; a consideration that ensures the end product is substantially better than the industry average.

Industry suppliers acknowledge Aerotrans’ quality superiority and other fibreglass manufacturers, some of who have Aerotrans produce their moulds when quality is of primary importance.

Target Market(s):-

While Aerotrans Australia’s proprietary business Aeroz Products is focussed on products for the transport industry; in the case of its contract business Aerotrans produces for a number of companies in a broad market range of industries. The one thing each of these clients has in common is the desire for a quality end product, and to have their business valued, and thus handled professionally. Usually contract companies have a requirement for a specific component or assembly and with the help of Aerotrans their specifications are realised as a high quality finished item(s).

Many times Aerotrans has been able to provide the contract company with a moulded option rather than using traditional base materials such as wood and/or steel. The benefits are varied with the most common being the ability to gain a specific shape for the requirement, enhancing the aesthetics; reducing the weight and possibly removing a need to post paint the item.


Currently Aerotrans has contract clients in industries as diverse as semi-trailer manufacturers to bathroom product suppliers, and from bus manufacturers to civil engineering departments, and then even special vehicle builders to transport refrigeration manufacturers. While these clients are diverse in their industry type, all have one thing in common; for each price is looked at in terms of being part of cost and each has discovered that Aerotrans, while often not the cheapest is usually the most competitive.

In many cases to reduce clients overall costs Aerotrans within a contract performs value added work that not only offers cost advantages but also in some cases reduces handling and eliminates areas of OH&S risk. Such value added tasks are usually in the areas of final trimming, pre-wiring, inserting hardware and pre-assembly requirement. All such work enables the client to receive, inspect and approve an item finished at higher level of completion.


A growing range of quality focussed companies are experiencing the difference that Aerotrans provides and amongst current contract clients are the following professional companies;

  • CME
  • Eez-Freez
  • Isuzu Australia
  • Maxitrans
  • Network Coatings
  • Rambler Concept Vehicles
  • Topstart Trailers
  • UD Trucks
  • Volgren