Aerotrans Australia was established in 1989 and since then has built a reputation based on product quality and customer service.

Initially Aerotrans operated, as a sales outlets using contract manufacturing for it's own proprietary range of proven truck aerodynamic devices. Unable to achieve an acceptable level of product or service quality from a range of FRP contractors, Aerotrans established it's own manufacturing base. Since this Aerotrans has grown it's business by presenting itself and it's fibreglass products at a level far greater than the industry norm.

Aerotrans quality of product starts with the quality and design of its mould and this is recognised even by other manufacturers that currently manufacture products using moulds manufactured by Aerotrans Australia.

Aerotrans attitude towards product quality and customer service has resulted in Aerotrans establishing itself as a supplier of quality OEM contracts with customers of the highest level, such as Maxitrans, Volgren, Rambler Concept Vehicles, Showerline and Network Coatings. The difference in the way Aerotrans does business is also being acknowledged by the fact that it is currently fielding negotiations to add US clients to its growing export potential of fibreglass components.

Using its Fibreglass expertise and entrepreneurial talents Aerotrans is now building its business in two areas:

  • Quality fibreglass OEM contracts;
  • Its own Proprietary range of fibreglass moulded products marketed under the brand Aeroz Products.

Aeroz Products defines those proprietary products owned, designed and in most instances manufactured by Aerotrans Australia and includes the wind tunnel developed, road proven range of truck aerodynamic products. Having being involved in a number of automotive areas Aeroz Products is now focused on supplying moulded products to the transport industry and is rapidly developing new concepts that consistently live up to the company motto; ‚”STYLED TO WORK, MADE TO LAST”.